This is your life. And it’s ending one minute at a time.

Work life balance is a false dichotomy. It keeps you complacent; working jobs you hate so you can buy shit you don’t need. It suggests spending half your life doing things that don’t matter is somehow a good thing.

Work life parallel combines the two into leverage for the life aligned. I achieved parallel in November 2016. It’s everything I thought it could be and more. I love what I do. I’ve never been so engaged. I’ve never been so tired. So now what? That’s what we’re going to find out.

Join us in the search for the life aligned. 


Idea! An Account-Based Guide to Finding Work Life Parallel on LinkedIn

About a week before I lost my job, a good friend of mine lost his. And about a week after, another good friend expressed disappointment at job hunting. It turns out all the automation out there–on both sides of the hiring desk–is really good at keeping us from having to bother with real, actual people. …


Let’s get there together.

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