Absolute Perfection: Classical Commute Edition

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Traffic was relatively light for a Friday morning at back-to-school time. Where it usually takes me a little over 20 minutes to go onramp to exit, today it took just under 15.

As I easily merged onto southbound I-17, Edvard Greig’s Peer Gynt Suite started on the local public radio station. This music coincided perfectly with traffic.

My time on the 17 began bucolic and peaceful like a sunny, summer morning. The further south into central Phoenix I went, the more the music took on an ominous tone, invoking the waves of ignorant, mouth-breathing operators*, literally ending as I coasted down the exit ramp.

After a quick weather report at the red light, I was in the final stretch to the office. All I could think of, when the next track began to play was, “This is perfect. Absolutely perfect.”

Copeland’s Fanfare for the Common Man. I, an insignificant speck in a rolling cage of stamped steel, plastic, and glass, had just successfully navigated morning rush hour. I pulled into the parking lot having experienced something special.

Commuting in a major metropolitan area is always an adventure. It seldom, naturally, gets a classical soundtrack so perfectly timed.

I shit you not. This was my commute this morning.

*There’s a difference between vehicle operators and drivers. It’s a rant for another time.

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