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While I’m still working on the longer form piece explaining the difference between work life parallel and work life balance, I thought I’d spend a couple minutes working through the persona thing.

For anyone in the audience not familiar with the term, personas are highly detailed—yet generic—descriptions of customers. You basically take demographic info and layer a story on top to better put yourself in your customer’s shoes. It will make sense in a minute.

PS: Ken, Joshua, Adam, Robert… We’ll be talking about this soon.

Thinking back to the who can I help and how questions from the other day, I think it’s best to base my first persona (you can have multiple) on myself. So, in the interest of keeping this one simple and short, here’s a rough draft of my own persona, prior to achieving work life parallel.

“I hate that my life revolves around paying bills. I wish I didn’t have to choose between the job that pays the bills the job that matters. I want to spend my days doing fun stuff that interests me—like writing, and playing with cars, and adventures with friends. Why can’t I do those things for a living?”

See how that could be anyone—but not EVERYone? Now imagine you’re that person. Replace “writing, playing with cars, and adventures with friends” with whatever YOU wish you could do for a living.

Then imagine I tell you, “You can. Here’s how.”


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