Give Me Novocaine

PSA: Stay on top of your dental hygiene, people. Seriously.

Long story short, I was the kid who never had trouble with the dentist. I had one filling until my late thirties, when more than a decade without either dental coverage or funds finally caught up with me.

Then I spent well over US$1,000 on a dozen fillings and a nasty root canal. My mouth was so jacked up after that, I waited over two years to go back to the dentist—a new dentist. Who did a great job of three small fillings, but the pent-up anxiety over how my mouth would feel afterward (sigh, still jacked) set me up for a rough time.

Three separate rounds of novocaine shots. And I still felt it on one tooth.

It’s so much easier to just brush and floss like you’re supposed to, ya know?

The Doldrums

There’s a place near the equator where the prevailing winds are generally calm. If your ship only has sails, finding yourself in the Doldrums could mean days or even weeks just drifting aimlessly.

Which is why you might have heard of the Doldrums. Personally, I most often use the term to describe the two hours after a big lunch when you just sit at your desk reflecting on poor life choices, but wait. What was I talking about?

Damnit. There’s a metaphor here about how you can’t just wait for the wind. You need an engine to power through the Doldrums, maybe something you really care about to fuel that engine.

I’d polish said metaphor, but I’m kinda paddling my way though these things lately.