Fierce Robots

There’s a special bond between people who share struggle. We hear about it in war stories; brothers in arms, fighting for each other more than any global cause.

It’s called collective trauma. And while Wikipedia cites tragic examples like the Holocaust, JFK assassination, and 9/11, trauma–in far lesser varieties–clearly has value.

Trauma, by definition, is “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience” or “physical injury.” Lest anyone think finding work life parallel suddenly makes life into some kind of Katy Perry video all day everyday…

When you really, truly care about what you do–all the time–there will be MUCH that deeply distresses or disturbs you–all the time. Surround yourself with others like this, and you have no choice but to push through.

You have to be fierce in your convictions to value and honor, and you have to be mechanically unrelenting in your precision and process.

Worth it.


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