Give Me Novocaine

PSA: Stay on top of your dental hygiene, people. Seriously.

Long story short, I was the kid who never had trouble with the dentist. I had one filling until my late thirties, when more than a decade without either dental coverage or funds finally caught up with me.

Then I spent well over US$1,000 on a dozen fillings and a nasty root canal. My mouth was so jacked up after that, I waited over two years to go back to the dentist—a new dentist. Who did a great job of three small fillings, but the pent-up anxiety over how my mouth would feel afterward (sigh, still jacked) set me up for a rough time.

Three separate rounds of novocaine shots. And I still felt it on one tooth.

It’s so much easier to just brush and floss like you’re supposed to, ya know?

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