Metaphor: Life Locks

I’m working on figuring out the after-parallel game. Ongoing reflection, exploration, and action have lead me to the odd discovery.

At first, I thought it would be like resistance training. Achieving work life parallel is like getting access to a hardcore gym where everyone is ripped—or at least hell-bent on performance mastery.

But I discovered it’s also like navigating locks in a canal–without a boat. You’ve been swimming alone, resting on pieces of driftwood as you find them. Your unpaid experiences working on cars or blogging or whatever have got you to this point.

Now the doors close behind you and the water begins rising. Swim, tread water, float. You’re no longer swimming to cover distance. Now you’re swimming uphill.

Do whatever it takes to keep your head above water. Your brain and your body will be begging to get out and join the crowds watching from behind the rail. Tourists.

But if you don’t give up, the water level will equalize with the next level, the gates will open before you, and you will swim on.

Into the next lock.

Where the doors will close behind you, the water level will rise again, and you will rise with it.

This is what comes after parallel.


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