My Friend Milton

About a year ago, in maybe my first or second week on the job at LeadMD, Natasha shows me this brand, spankin’ new piece of content marketing tech we’ve picked up. It’s called ClearVoice.

15 minutes later, I’m back at my desk, with a Google spreadsheet open in one monitor and this ClearVoice thing open in the other. I’ve got my marching orders—get everything out of Google Drive and into ClearVoice.

It’s intuitive enough. I can immediately see how it would benefit someone launching or running a magazine. Their self-service help center is pretty good, too.

What really shines, though, is the customer service. I ask a question through the little Intercom chat bubble on the screen. Milton replies with an answer. Or Courtney, but mostly Milton.

Nearly a year later, I’m sitting two seats down from Milton. He’s training me as his replacement.

Many people were involved in my journey to ClearVoice.
But Milton was among the first.
Happy trails, pardner.

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