My Milkshake

It brings no boys to the yard.

One day, you realize you’re officially old. When you’re mixing up the following admittedly disgusting concoction every night before bed, it’s a fairly safe bet the music is too loud, too.

8 ounces of water
Liquid calcium-magnesium
Liquid vitamin D3
Liquid holy basil
A multivitamin
And a heaping scoop of bean fiber

Fruenlaven! It’s horrible.

So why is it I can consistently make this literal mudslide every night, but I can’t get on the jump rope to (literally?) save my life?

Working on it.

  • I think I may be needing to do a shake thing too. But I like my scotch night cap too much, mate. 😉

    • I think I should start adding scotch to my regimen!

      Thanks for stopping by, Danny. Really appreciate it.