Paint the Patio—Or the Whole Damn House?

For some reason, I waited until about 1PM to start working on the patio.

We were up, dressed, and sitting down to breakfast at our favorite local restaurant—Rogue Tomato—by 8AM. We were home from the grocery store a little after 10AM. And there might, just might, have been something resembling a nap on the loveseat before noon.

Two very important lessons I’ve learned while converting our Arizona room back into a screened-in patio:

First, the previous owners who enclosed the patio should never be allowed near construction tools ever again. They pretty much glued the whole thing together, and no two studs are the same length. The only way to do this Right would be to raze it and completely start over. Yeah, no.

Second, don’t buy lumber until the day you’re going to use it. Turn your back on it overnight and it will all be warped, twisted, and worthless—even in the Arizona desert. What a frustrating waste of time and money.

But the patio is fully framed again. I’ve got to patch a couple spots, but we’re just about ready to unbox our brand new paint sprayer and start making this thing look like it does in our heads. The only question now is, do I just paint the patio—or the whole, damn house?


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