Short Stories & Small Worlds

Ever since I made those comments about outlining my next three projects, I find these little dailies are fast becoming outlets for longer form, book-related thoughts. Being someone who could afford to be about 30% less wordy, let’s see how short I can make a neat story today.

Sometime back in 2005, a local automotive aftermarket shop sent people out to find me at a car show. They wanted to hire me as their resident Mitsubishi/DSM sales rep. I wasn’t interested in Sales at the time so I passed. We parted ways on good terms.

Two years later, I’d made my first job change in pursuit of work life parallel. It was a total bust. Enterprise Rent-A-Car was more washing cars behind a dingy shack in downtown Mesa than management training. I wanted out, but what other car-related jobs were there? Sales? Service?

Waitaminute. Sales! One afternoon, taking the scenic route back to the office in a dowdy, later model Dodge Avenger, I remembered the guys who tried recruiting me two years earlier. I was officially interested in Sales.

Less than two weeks later, I was on the phone, doing inbound/outbound aftermarket sales at SportCompactOnly. Unfortunately, the company was insolvent within a year and I had to bail out. But I really enjoyed working with Vink, K-side, Steve, Rob, Oscar, and the rest of the gang at SCO.

And whattaya know. Nearly a decade later, Best Man at my wedding (a DSM brother) works for the biggest online classic and collector car marketplace on the web–a company founded by the former CEO of SCO–who remembers sending people out to find me.

I probably could have made this story much shorter, but I’ll settle for cutting it in half.
Small world, though, right?


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