Godin on exploring work

That morning you wake up to one of your heroes pointing out you’re on the right track.

The place where we can create the most value is when we do a job where exploration and a new solution is what’s needed. Not rote, but exploration. Which means we’re doing something that’s not been done before, something that might not work. – Seth Godin

You get work life parallel (maybe you like work life integration better?) by reflecting on why you enjoy the things you do and exploring new ways to discover enjoyment in other areas of your life.

Discover something exciting? Take action. It might not work, but you’ll learn from the experience.

You’re smarter and more focused each time through the loop. You get better closer, every time.

What to do about insane inspiration

I’ve been doing this for 10 months, now.

This is post #234 on the site. Putting that in perspective, I “only” published 700-ish pieces on Gearbox Magazine in six years. And another 800-ish on the old DR1665 site this one replaced.

I’m always working on consistency—publishing on a daily basis—but it’s not always easy. The last two weeks have been INTENSE. Family, work, and reality always come first. I don’t need to defend that, I know, but I want to go on the record with it.

So what finally inspired me to throw caution to the wind and publish half a dozen updates in an hour?

Insane inspiration. I wanted to get THIS one out there.

10 years ago, I drafted the working credo that eventually became my life and this site.

  1. A difference is the only thing worth making.
  2. Work-life parallel > work-life balance
  3. True success comes from helping others achieve success.

GBXM is coming back. Even bigger and better than I imagined. Wanna know why?

We’re taking a zero-bullshit, damn the torpedoes approach to that third piece.

I’ve been sketching and drafting resources and curriculum to help friends for years. Today, I realized I was having a deep-dive conversation with an old, gearhead buddy from wayback—that I’ve had with two other old, gearhead buddies from wayback—in the last SIX MONTHS.

I’ve probably written 20,000 words on the subject THIS YEAR. In emails.

You know how much of this stuff was in my LMS development kit?

Zero. Fucking. Percent.

Three people. Who came to me for help. With something important. Because they trust me.

Light bulb.


A side hustler cut from the same cloth

I talked to a guy who’s launching a new magazine today.

He’s a side hustler like me. Works a full-time day job, spends 3-4 hours A DAY commuting, is involved in professional group activities, AND he’s standing up a new magazine. By himself.

Chris tells me, “He told me the first issue was 70 pages—no ads.”

Chris knew this was significant, but wasn’t sure how to reply other than, “I gotta introduce you to Brian.”

I’ve got one customer cranking out 80-90 pieces of content per month with a team of SEVEN.

I’ve helped another build a team on a Friday afternoon that delivered 40 pieces of content over a weekend.

But this guy—this guy—is cut from the same cloth.

The case for less than 7 hours’ sleep a night is getting airtight.