Auto-marketing-publishing intersections (2017 Top 5)

I’ve long existed in a strange intersection between cars, publishing, and marketing.

Gearheads don’t get the marketing piece.

Marketers don’t particularly care about the cars piece.

And publishers, well, they’ve had a rough decade.

Here’s my favorite marketing-related dailies from this year:

Squaring The Hazer with the haters

I think The Hazer has officially retired.

Yesterday some random mouth-breather commented on my Squaring Conficius with Memento mori post over on Facebook. He said something absurd like, “Stop shilling for the CCP.”

Of course, nothing I said in that piece had ANYTHING to do with politics.

Just another confused and ignorant, self-ascribed “patriot.” Whatever.

There was a time when I was known for burning haters like this to the ground online.

They called me “The Hazer.” And they called me when mouthy illiterates started running their mouths on the forum. It was fun. But it was a clear waste of time.

For every good guy who caught on we were just playing with them, reminding them to be humble when joining a new community, there were half a dozen others who either walked away or were banned when I got tired of playing with them.

A lot of good came from the Hazer, but I think more good could have come if management had simply hung a sign on the edge of digital town saying something to the effect of, “Show us you respect our community and our members and we will show you respect. Honor us with meaningful contributions and you will be repaid tenfold. But run your mouth like an entitled jackass and we’ll just ban you like the rest of the sad, unimportant strokes that don’t matter.”

I’ve limited these daily updates to friends when they hit Facebook now.

I’m done trying to argue with stupid.

I just block and move on.

No time for haters.

The real LPT is in the comments

Hidden gems can be found in /r/lifeprotips.

Usually in the comments.

Someone will post a “Life Pro Tip” (LPT) on Reddit like, “Tie your shoes so you don’t trip and fall.” And, invariably, in the comments, someone will reply with something actually useful or interesting. Maybe a blog post from a site dedicated to tying shoes with videos demonstrating a dozen different ways to tie your shoes, depending on shoe type and use. It’s pretty neat.

In any case, I wanted to go on the record as appreciating the comments people are making on these dailies—even if not directly on the website. (It’s cool.)

Recently, on Does this make any sense at all, over on Facebook, for example, Mark said:

Makes perfect sense. You are using self cognitive skills to delve deeper into the ‘real’ meaning of life. (That sounds pretty deep, lol.) You are at the stage of forming a position of what you consider to be the true meaning of life.

When you realize you’ve been focusing on what you don’t want, as though it was what your really wanted. Incredible. Subtle, yet serious difference between “not shitty” and “awesome.”

Carter surfaced one of the key benefits to documenting the journey.

How cool to be able to look back in 20 years and see where you were today.

I know, right? If only I’d documented the first part of the journey better.

Cassandra dropped a way powerful rubric.

Whenever I find myself feeling like I’m at a fork but don’t really know where the paths lead, I do this exercise.

  1. Imagine someone you admire; they could be real or fictional, alive or dead.

  2. State the reason out loud why it is that you admire them.

  3. What you just stated is what you crave most in your life right now.

Carter also pointed out:

[That m]akes a lot of sense; lets you know where you stand too.

And Eric shared Mr. Rogers’ “Garden of Your Mind”, which was a solid reminder, given the circumstances behind the original post.

It’s always nice to know people read your work, but it’s even nicer to know your work earns a comment or two from time to time.

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it.