Sneak Peek: Work Life Parallel Discovery Kit

I’m humbled. I’m thankful.

Over the weekend, I casually asked my Facebook friends if any of them wanted to take a sneak peek at the Work Life Parallel Discovery Kit I’ve been working on here and there for the last year-plus.

Melody, who I used to work with, was first to the party with an emphatic “I’m in!”

Then came Sarah, an old friend and SaaS consultant; Arvindh, aka: Gundu, from back in the Live Your Legend “Start a Blog” days; Shannon, another long time friend, former supervisor, and adult learning consultant with extensive experience in curriculum development; and Carter, Adventurist par excellence and generally legit fellow.

Comments and suggestions on my 2500-word Google doc have been pouring in all week.

Important assumptions have been confirmed.
Necessary changes have been surfaced.
Dots have been connected.
It’s really shaping up!

I’m still waiting on a few more comments, but will likely open it back up for Round 2 in a few weeks. If you’d like to check it out, let me know. (I’ll make sure you get a copy of the final product before it goes live.)

Long form. It works for content. It works for projects.

We’re all getting tired of hastily written crap that doesn’t matter.

Says the guy publishing his 186th(!), hastily written, daily missive.

Long form requires thought. It requires follow-through. Done right, it proves expertise in showing all the necessary dots connected as they should. Or at least how they most make sense according to someone who’s presumably done the work.

You know this quality when you see it. You find yourself wrapped up in a story you can’t put down. Or you see it in action in the automotive world in the form of brands like Singer, Icon, and Mohenic.

These are brands whose products immediately connect. You have no doubts as to the quality of the work. The outcome is special. It’s so good, you hear a voice in your head saying you wish you could afford to slow down and focus on such craft mastery, yourself.

It’s very similar to something I heard Michael and Justin say at LeadMD. “Automation assumes you have a process worth automating.” If you’re just looking to cut corners so you can spend more time multitasking (read: half-assing) other things, you’re doing it wrong.

Don’t believe me? Check your inbox for any email from any company that sends you a bill each month. Call them and try getting a real person on the line. It’s easy to scale thoughtless, transactional crap. It’s considerably harder to deliver something truly remarkable.

What are you automating? What are you pouring yourself into with abandon?

Which do you think will matter more a year from now?

Writing About Cars (Again)

I miss Gearbox Magazine.

I miss writing about cars. I miss getting to know next level gearheads and their projects. But I’m not about to relaunch GBXM again.

A few weeks ago, my best man, Dan, tells me there’s somebody I have to meet next time he’s in town. Turns out this cat, Mike, and I are on the same page.

Beers are drank.
Ideas are shared.
Emails are exchanged.

The plan is stories from the garage—the professional garage. Tales of craftsmanship and precision; culture and passion; success, failure, and pressing on regardless.

You know, the kinda shit that made Gearbox special. Only this time, there’s already a few million people a month visiting the site.

More to come once we’re off the jack stands.