A side hustler cut from the same cloth

I talked to a guy who’s launching a new magazine today.

He’s a side hustler like me. Works a full-time day job, spends 3-4 hours A DAY commuting, is involved in professional group activities, AND he’s standing up a new magazine. By himself.

Chris tells me, “He told me the first issue was 70 pages—no ads.”

Chris knew this was significant, but wasn’t sure how to reply other than, “I gotta introduce you to Brian.”

I’ve got one customer cranking out 80-90 pieces of content per month with a team of SEVEN.

I’ve helped another build a team on a Friday afternoon that delivered 40 pieces of content over a weekend.

But this guy—this guy—is cut from the same cloth.

The case for less than 7 hours’ sleep a night is getting airtight.

Advertising on Gearbox Magazine

If you clicked the link over to the new cruelty on GBXM the other day, you might have seen my thoughts on selling advertising on GBXM this time around. If you didn’t, let’s just say I’m open to it.

Despite the fact that nearly all digital ad revenue goes to Google and Facebook these days. Despite the fact that selling advertising is in no way a sustainable business model. Despite the fact that nobody—not even advertisers or marketers—wants to be interrupted with commercials.

Despite all that, I’m going to be selling advertising on Gearbox Magazine—sponsorship—but we’re doing it MY way. If you’re familiar with how we used to interview gearheads, you might have a pretty good idea how we’ll be talking to sponsors. If you aren’t, let’s just say everybody’s going to be happy.

Sneak Peek: Work Life Parallel Discovery Kit

I’m humbled. I’m thankful.

Over the weekend, I casually asked my Facebook friends if any of them wanted to take a sneak peek at the Work Life Parallel Discovery Kit I’ve been working on here and there for the last year-plus.

Melody, who I used to work with, was first to the party with an emphatic “I’m in!”

Then came Sarah, an old friend and SaaS consultant; Arvindh, aka: Gundu, from back in the Live Your Legend “Start a Blog” days; Shannon, another long time friend, former supervisor, and adult learning consultant with extensive experience in curriculum development; and Carter, Adventurist par excellence and generally legit fellow.

Comments and suggestions on my 2500-word Google doc have been pouring in all week.

Important assumptions have been confirmed.
Necessary changes have been surfaced.
Dots have been connected.
It’s really shaping up!

I’m still waiting on a few more comments, but will likely open it back up for Round 2 in a few weeks. If you’d like to check it out, let me know. (I’ll make sure you get a copy of the final product before it goes live.)