Godin on exploring work

That morning you wake up to one of your heroes pointing out you’re on the right track.

The place where we can create the most value is when we do a job where exploration and a new solution is what’s needed. Not rote, but exploration. Which means we’re doing something that’s not been done before, something that might not work. – Seth Godin

You get work life parallel (maybe you like work life integration better?) by reflecting on why you enjoy the things you do and exploring new ways to discover enjoyment in other areas of your life.

Discover something exciting? Take action. It might not work, but you’ll learn from the experience.

You’re smarter and more focused each time through the loop. You get better closer, every time.

Madonna & Lady Gaga — Sex symbols & role models

Gen X father of a little girl speaking on this one.

Madonna was the bad girl who drove all us boys wild back in the day. Sure, there were others, but none made such an indelible mark on society and pop culture like she did.

She started PG13, like a virgin, but things quickly escalated. The enormous, pointy bras. The coffee table book so taboo, we all lined up to justify our love for the Queen of Pop.


I feel like Madonna paved the way for Lady Gaga; like Gaga took the baton and continued pushing the envelope. There are others, but everybody—across every musical interest—knows Lady Gaga.

And what do they know about her? She wears extreme, if not obscene costumes. She’s a total sex symbol. And there’s nobody else like her.


I used to see these two as sex symbols. Smutty, bad girls. The stuff of just about every adolescent young man’s dreams. Quintessential #spankbank material.

Today I see Madonna and Lady Gaga as something more significant. I see them as strong, powerful women who leveraged their creative talents to succeed astronomically on their own terms.

As the father of a little girl turning FIVE this weekend. I’m glad I can point to these two legendary women and tell her, “You grow up and be whatever you want. Believe in yourself. Work hard. Don’t let anyone’s sense of ‘morality’ dictate how you live your life. You can be successful on your own terms.”