3 words for 2018

I picked this up from Chris Brogan. Started doing it in 2012.

Instead of resolutions, you think about what you want to achieve that year, come up with three words that remind you of what you want/need to achieve those goals, and commit them to memory.

2012: Responsibility, Action, Freedom
2013: Support, Drive, Print
2014: Print, Process, Non-Profit
2015: ???

2016 was the first year it truly clicked for me. That is to say I actually meditated on my words on at least a daily basis—often several times a day.

2016: Intent, Action, Mindful
2017: Time, Health, Example
2018: Network, Minimize, Schedule

Network. It’s not so much what you know, but WHO you know. And even then, it’s who you know that’s willing to step in and help when you need it. Which requires stepping in to help others up front. My goal for the year is a conversation with someone new every week.

Minimize. Two fronts on this one. Minimize the amount of stuff I’ve got cluttering my closet, my garage, my life. And minimized portions on my plate this year because fewer calories and more exercise mean better health.

Schedule. If it isn’t scheduled, it doesn’t get done. If it’s important, it needs to be scheduled. Recording podcasts, writing content, working on the site, cleaning the bathroom, finishing the patio—scheduled. I’ve got a tremendous opportunity to get out—and stay out—ahead of my deadlines this year. Don’t want to blow it!

Auto-marketing-publishing intersections (2017 Top 5)

I’ve long existed in a strange intersection between cars, publishing, and marketing.

Gearheads don’t get the marketing piece.

Marketers don’t particularly care about the cars piece.

And publishers, well, they’ve had a rough decade.

Here’s my favorite marketing-related dailies from this year: