I don’t have a 7 year horizon. Yet.

Also inspired by Valeria Maltoni’s Learning Habit newsletter. Check it out.

I love the thinking behind a seven year horizon. It’s less than an arbitrary decade, but longer term than most. Compromise, and yet not.

In June, I was let go from LeadMD. They’re a tribe of fierce robots hell-bent on delivering results to customers. LeadMD was founded in 2009.

I started GBXM in 2009.

My friend Adnan runs CarThrottle.com. He started that in 2009 as well. (Gave me the ground floor opportunity in 2010, too, but I passed because GBXM.) He now has millions of subscribers and offices in London and New York.

GBXM never went anywhere.

More and more, I think the lesson learned is compromise has its place, but not when it comes to delivering value.

In any case, I’m in the process of rebooting GBXM. Again.

I don’t have a seven year plan. I don’t even have a three year plan.

It’s just the thing I feel like I need to do right now.

Where will I be in seven years? When GBXM turns 15?

I don’t know, but there’s only one way to find out.


Keeping a blog

Inspired by Valeria Maltoni’s Learning Habit newsletter this week. Check it out.

Surprisingly, more valuable than most people think. Speaking from a reflective place, it’s a look back at where we’ve been; what we’ve done; what we cared about.

I wish I’d had this perspective 10 years ago, rather than getting caught up in all that personal branding shit.

The blogging I did on the old site about community development, marketing, learning, and knowledge management (, and playing with cars) helped me explore ideas that interested me. It helped shape my thought processes over many years.

I really wish I’d known then what I know now, but we can only change the future, right? Que sera sera.

The Bold & The Dutiful

I want to be bold. Confident. Resolute.

I want to do this my way. Again.

I want to disrupt. Again.

But which rules should be broken?

What advice willfully ignored?

Can it be done this time?

Word of mouth, advocacy, promotion.

That’s all I need, right?

A rally cry that resonates.

That inspires the tribe.

That spreads like wildfire.

Stop cherry picking best practices.

Double down, all-in on the one thing.

Put them first.

Help them win.

Celebrate their wins.

Soothe their losses.

Make them kings.