Synchro Sunday. Coming to Gearbox Magazine this weekend.

I’m gonna try it.

Perfection is the enemy of progress. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been trying to execute on your brilliant plan and life keeps throwing you curves. OODA loops, friend.

Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.
Lather, rinse, repeat.
This is life.

Part of me thinks it’s stupid committing to adding something to the already struggling weekly editorial calendar. And part of me doesn’t care, because this idea is simple and speaks to what the future of Gearbox Magazine is all about.

So here’s to Synchro Sundays. Coming THIS Sunday to Gearbox Magazine.

Mind Over Matter: Marathons vs. Sprints

Came home from Sedona inspired, motivated.

And then did way too much stuff, ran out of steam, and crashed.

It was all important. But it wasn’t all urgent.

Gets me thinking about the balance between pacing to go the distance versus sprints to build the increased strength necessary to cover more ground.

I think we know when we should do one or the other. The trick is training our minds to see through our own bullshit and do what must be done.

I’ve heard Confucius said “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” And I agree completely—but wouldn’t it be better to go a little faster?

This is your life. Mind over matter.

There goes my April Fool’s joke

We’re not going to print this year after all.

I had it all figured out. Sometime in February, we’d stop mentioning print or issues. Meanwhile, we’d be secretly building out GBXM Volume 9, Issue 1.

April 1st, we’d make a big announcement that the 100-plus page print issue was available. And then, April 2nd, we’d be all, “Uh, we weren’t joking. It’s on Amazon and everything.”

Damn. I still really like this plan. Too bad it’s not gonna happen. Here’s why.

Figure it takes an average of 30 minutes to build each page in an issue, covers included. Multiply that by 80-96 pages, and you get 40-48 hours to build an issue.

I’ve never been so productive with GBXM as I’ve been so far this year, but that’s still only 8-10 hours per week available. As I write this, we’re six weeks out from April 1st. 8-10 hours a week times 6 weeks is 48-60 hours available, though, so what’s the problem?

Assuming 48 hours to build the issue and a maximum of 60 hours bandwidth available, I’d only have 12 hours left—two hours a week—to do everything else; schedule, record, and produce The Gearhead Project, write and schedule stuff for the website, write the original issue content itself.

It would be a real challenge. And for what?

I am so proud of the issues we published in 2014. I absolutely want to get back to them. We’re Gearbox MAGAZINE, after all. But I don’t think we sold 50 copies, total, back in 2014. Truly, the only people who bought the print issues were people on the cover—and their moms.

Add to that the fact we’d only make about $2 gross profit per issue, and you can see how issues just don’t make financial sense. Even if we sold 100 copies, that’s still less than $200 for 40-48 hours’ work. Maybe, if we had some paying sponsors in place, but that would only take even MORE time.

And I’m all out of time in Q1 at this point. Haha.

So we’re shelving the issues a while longer. I like to think once I’ve got my rhythm with the podcast, maybe have a couple sponsors onboard, and some additional talent writing for us, it could happen before the end of the year, but first things first.

Remember, our mission isn’t helping gearheads so we can make money, it’s making money so we can help more gearheads.

Wait’ll you get a load of GBXM|u.