All the reasons why you shouldn’t

I’ve got it bad.

I want a sailboat.

And yet, here’s all the reasons why I shouldn’t even…

  • I’ve always hated wind.
  • I’m scared of open heights.
  • I’ve never caught my own fish.
  • I wouldn’t want to clean my own fish.
  • I seem to struggle with vehicle maintenance.
  • I don’t have $150k sitting around to buy & refit.
  • I live in a desert, several hundred miles from sea.

All of the above suggest I should nip this one in the bud now and get back to reality, ya know? But here’s what I’m finding simultaneously thrilling and terrifying.

  • I’m starting to notice the wind (and think of it in terms of power).
  • I want to conquer my fear of heights.
  • I want to learn to catch (and clean) fish.
  • I want to simplify my plans and enjoy Fezzik.
  • I can get a used Sunfish for under a grand.
  • I can take sailing lessons at the lake.

Can’t help but wonder, is this desire to conquer the fears standing in my way a sign I’m on the right path? “Do what you fear most and you control fear,” after all.

I don’t seem to recall being worried about buying Rocinante (“The Fun Cooker”). And the only worry I had prior to buying Fezzik was that someone else would beat me to it and I’d have to find some other $2500 Montero.

So maybe, if you’re looking at the list of reasons why you shouldn’t—and find yourself inspired to overcome each—you should consider it a pretty legit reason why you SHOULD.

Thanks to Dan for being the voice of reason that said, “Seriously, dude. You should consider learning to sail on a Sunfish.”

(I bet I could take one camping, too.)

Nostalgia: Sour Patch Kids & a Coke Can

Pandora’s been letting me hear this one a lot, lately.

I love Pandora.

The song is called “Sour Patch Kids” by Bryce Vine

But, now that I am older, I’ll admit that I am over all the stress and shit that comes from holding life up on your shoulders. It’s a chore. I’m sick of being bored. I’m sick of always stressin’ over shit I could ignore.

I guess it’s just my own immaturity, burnin’ through me internally, take imagination and making it a reality, so, pause—Yo, fuck it, I’ll be right back.—Pay a visit to the past, tell them all to kiss my ass.

I don’t wanna worry bout nothin’ for a while. I just wanna play around, livin’ like a child. With old tunes jammin’ on my Walkman, and some Sour Patch Kids and a Coke can.

I don’t wanna think about anything at all. I just wanna run around doin’ what I want. With a pretty-ass girl and a slow jam, and some Sour Patch Kids and a Coke can.

I just wanna go back to the old school, old news, Road Rules, Fresh Prince, cartoons, good rap, dope tracks. I’m not tryin’ to be on it. I’m just tryin’ to be honest. Packed lunch, school crush, bus home and play Sonic.

I have been there, I have done that, made my mark up on the town. Been stupid, I’ve been lucid, been a menace and a clown.

Wow. I’m chillin, watchin’ Rocko’s Modern Livin’, wishin’ I could find a way to bring back Music Television.

No more Jersey Shore ’n’ whorin’ or horribly borin’ versions of shows from Great Britain; they’re written with no vision. Damn, so fuck it I’ll be right back—Pay my tribute to the past—you can all just kiss my ass for a second.

Dat trumpet, tho.