That Feeling When You Turn It Around

The customer knows it was designed to do it this way.
They just need it to work that way.

There’s a moment of panic when the voice on the other end of the line—however friendly—says, “I guess, if we can’t do it that way, we’ll have to go back to how we used to do things.”

But if you really know your shit—
if you truly believe in what you’re doing—you’ll turn it around.

You’ll speak to the risks involved with doing it that way. You’ll point out how their expertise and existing workflows mitigate those risks, giving them the confidence to trust you with their livelihood.

Then you’ll show them how, if they do it this way, your solution actually amplifies their expertise, further reducing the chances they’ll run into trouble doing it that way. And that’s when it will happen.

That’s when the customer says—pleasantly surprised—”Oh wow. That’s really cool! We’re definitely going to make this work!”

That feeling.

Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results

People can–and do–lose money. But they can also win big, too. Such is the case with any investment; in stocks, companies, cars, and even people.

You need a long term vision. You need to be really clear about where you want to go–even if only “that way.” That’s how you know when to hedge your bet or go all in.

Here’s to going all in.