Bitcoin, beer & stock options

FINALLY got together with JP.

First time since the wedding. Man, that was a good time.

We ate greasy bar food. We drank way too many beers for a weeknight.

We learned about bitcoin, wallets, and investment.

We even talked about stock options and infosec.

And then we compared trail rash on the trucks.

We gotta do this shit more often.

Hacks get H4X0R3D

Over the years, GBXM got a bit messy. I’ve tried cleaning it up, but after deciding to shut it down earlier this year, I stopped caring and gave up. (I was gonna pull the plug at the end of 2017.)

Eight months later, I’m firing up the presses and getting back to work, I turn the emails back on and publish something new. The first piece of new content since February.

And that’s when I get the malware alert from DreamHost. #facepalm

I don’t know why those files were publicly editable. I certainly didn’t configure them.

I audit admin users.
I change all admin passwords.
I change the DreamHost password.
I change all the MySQL DB user passwords.

And now I can’t FTP in.
I’ve tried every user I have.
I’ve tried FTP and FTPS.
I’ve tried all my clients.

Now the site is broken and won’t load.
And I can’t remove the malware, either.

15 hours later, message from support is essentially, “You are teh suck, no0b. Try again.”

At least I got the emails turned back off again.


The Facebook Algorithm

Something strange when Facebook is in the news for somehow being able to suggest distant relatives entirely unaware of each other’s evidence connect—as if by magic—but then somehow brilliantly thinks I need to know Derek gave the Nissan dealership in Fuckifiknow, Indiana, three stars yesterday morning.