GBXM was down for an entire day. Ugh.

Silver linings, though.

Here’s what happened…

I kept getting downtime alerts, so I wrote in to DreamHost support, asking them to look into it and let me know what, if anything, I needed to do to see better uptime. I’ve been with DreamHost since 2007, and they’ve always done right by me.

Discovering the downtime was caused by memory limits, they doubled server resources and re-enabled php FastCGI Process Manager (FPM). Long story short, I’ve changed hosting plans half a dozen times in the last three years and one of those hens came home to roost.

In the process of making all those changes to the setup, FPM apparently got completely reset. So when DreamHost re-enabled it, a missing parameter resulted in a bunch of 404 – Not Found errors because something was inserting “php.fcgi” into all the URLs.

Hindsight being what it is, this coulda-woulda-shoulda been a quick fix. Except I had almost 10 years of less-than-ideal file management going on. Believe it or not, I actually had TWO versions of EVERYTHING—including TWO complete backups for each. Some of those old, long forgotten files were compromised, distracting from the root cause of my downtime.

DreamHost asked me to review and address the suspect files. I started deleting things at lunch yesterday, paused for the drive home, and then let FileZilla run all night long.

When the sun came up this morning, I’d deleted over 16GB worth of bullshit.

On a 30GB hosting plan, that’s not insignificant—I’m back down to 12GB.

This SNAFU messed up my schedule for the week. But better it happened now than during Next Level Gearhead Summer.

Which I’ll be teasing tomorrow.

We are living in the future

Connected by the past.

I got invited to another event on Facebook the other day. Seeing it was a gearhead I know lives in Adelaide, Australia–and mentioned “Seattle & Beyond,” I got really excited.

We can discuss the unintentionally spammy nature of the Facebook invite another time. For now, let’s just say I was really excited at the thought of getting to possibly hang out with a gearhead from another country; to be a true gearhead ambassador like Cat, Andy, Darin, und mein BaWü Mitsu-Famlia. #vielLiebe

Turns out said gearhead wasn’t coming to America. He hosts a radio show and invited a bunch of us to tune in live.

Unfortunately, the show airs at 4:30AM in Phoenix. I won’t even get up to turn my alarm off at that hour.

But consider this: If I DID wake up at 4:30 in the morning, I could stream CD QUALITY, 90s alternative music, LIVE. From Australia. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET. On a show hosted by a guy I know because we both drove the same kind of car. On. My. Phone.


To my international gearhead friends and family. The invitation stands: you let me know when you’re coming to/through Phoenix and I will Hook. It. Up.

I need to talk to a gearhead app builder, please.

Sometimes DIY doesn’t make sense.

I’ve got a couple ideas and would like to speak with someone who knows enough about building apps to give me a reality check and/or explore helping bring these ideas to life in the next year.

Not sure if the following is relevant to the ask, but:

  • I’d prefer to work with a gearhead on this sort of thing.
  • I neither own, nor will own, an iPhone, so Android-first.
  • If we decide to build this thing, dev gets at least 70% imo.

If you’re a gearhead app developer (or could introduce me to one), please let me know.