Commit Report: #15jr

2 out of 31. It would be hard to fail any harder at this one.

May was a hell of a month. And in many ways, it was a month of hell. Lots of great ideas, punctuated by stress, urgency, deadlines, and dead pets. Were it not for our Sedona getaway last weekend, I probably would have lost ALL my marbles.

Starting tomorrow, I’m committed to getting back on the Bowflex at least three times a week. I did it for three or four months after Kauai last summer, so I know I can do it. There’s still a question of how I’ll tag my posts going forward, but I’ll figure something out.


And I’m Already Exhausted Again

I was so relaxed when I got home from our Sedona Vortex getaway, I unpacked and immediately got to work out in the garage. I hauled the Bowflex out and washed it. Then I reorganized the garage to make room for us to actually use the Bowflex. And THEN I took a seat on the living room couch.

Monday afternoon, I replaced two warped studs and a load-bearing 4×6 on the back patio. Would you believe that brand new 4×6 is already developing cracks? Of the four 4x6s holding up the roof out back, apparently only two actually bear any significant load–and I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole damn thing isn’t tweaked to one side, causing me these headaches.

In any case, I think I might have overdone it when I got home, because I was beyond exhausted today. Then again, staying up, working until almost midnight didn’t help.