The 18-year Glenmorangie

I am not a whisky snob. I’ve had less than 12 ounces in the last year. But I’ve had a nice bottle of The Glenmorangie before, so why not treat myself to a pour?

We took the unmarked stairs on the backside of the building down to the dark, heavy door beneath the red light and entered a sort of speakeasy. It was Molly’s birthday. She asked us to get a sitter (thanks, Aunt Shannon!) and join her for an adult night out at a place called Ostrich in downtown Chandler.

It was nice to finally be in a position where dropping $100-plus on dinner was a responsible decision to splurge on a real and memorable experience. After two delicate, if not pompous, cocktails I found artful, if not fulfilling, I chose to spend $28 on The Glenmorangie 18.

Worth it.

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