【=◈◡◈=】: You can tell when someone cares more

Their work simply pulls you in and holds your attention.

Case in point: This nearly two hour edit of Porter Robinson’s “Worlds” set.

[ embedded video: Porter Robinson – Worlds: The Movie 【FANMADE】]

Created entirely out of fan footage shot at live shows around the world, Huntroxic Music seemlessly edited together footage shot by nearly 100 other people into a single, hour-and-forty-minutes-long music video.

And it’s incredible.

We’ll see creation come undone
These bones that bound us will be gone
We’ll stir our spirits ’till we’re one
Then soft as shadows we’ll become

I stumbled back upon this one the other night and sat there for over 30 minutes watching.

Just goes to show, when you care more, you dive deeper, and you do better.

PS: Thanks, Taylor!

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