Post-Parallel Processes

Now what?

Prioritization? Systems?

Someone recently told me he’s achieved parallel, but discovered he easily gets so focused on the big projects other, perhaps less exciting, projects almost fall through the cracks.

I can definitely empathize, as I’ve sat down at the laptop three times in the last 10 days to work on #nlgs18—only to realize I never finished building the day’s post for GBXM.

Work life parallel means the lines between business and pleasure blur, if not disappear. What you need to do and what you want to do become one and the same.

When doing whatever we want becomes what we do, it’s very easy to get lost in that “I do what I want” mindset. And why shouldn’t we? We worked hard to get parallel. We deserve it.

But how do we make sure we get everything we need and want to do done when we need and want it all done?

I’m reminded of Stephen Covey’s time management grid. Most of our days are filled with urgent tasks needing immediate response. Some are important, most aren’t. If we want to be most effective, we should work on expanding the important & NOT urgent stuff.

That sounds like getting a bit more strategic with things. And lately I’ve been thinking about experimenting with more structured systems to my own project timelines.

Anyone have any advice on the subject? Enquiring minds want to know!

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