3 strikes, 2 little sleep, 1 ancient aliens meme

Whatever. It’s Friday.

3 strikes

The lowest price isn’t necessarily the best deal. Except when it’s a small, local company, they’re 20% cheaper, AND offer a lifetime warranty (versus the competition’s 1-year offer). EXCEPT when it takes three separate trips out because they had the wrong part the first trip, they were missing required supplies the second, and did a sloppy job the third.

2 little sleep

Waking up at 5AM. I made it 11 days in a row. By choice.

But I read an article suggesting showing up to work on less than five hours’ sleep was no different from showing up drunk, so when my alarm went off at this morning, less than five hours after I went to bed, I decided to sleep in until 6AM. It helped.

1 ancient aliens meme

Jeremy and Phil have been helping me test #nlgs18 this week. Jeremy’s finally in, but Phil still isn’t.

Which I don’t understand, considering I set them both up the same. Or did I?

Confirming players can get in is pretty important, so this will be figured out quickly.

Jeremy suspects it was aliens. He’s not saying it’s aliens (but it’s probably aliens.)

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