8 Hours

I didn’t start packing until it was too late. It was just before 8AM Friday morning and V had just left to take P to school.

First thing I did was change Fezzik’s oil. (I forget if I was 2,900 miles beyond a 3,000 or 5,000 mile service interval, by the way.) It went surprisingly smoothly. Not a drop spilled.

THEN I packed for the High Desert Trails rally outside Ridgecrest, California. And then I stopped by Dr. Fineberg’s office to pick up my contact lenses. And then I returned the ResMed ApneaLink home sleep apnea test I picked up at lunch the day before. As I was on my way to top off the tank at QT, I remembered I forgot my little cooler, so I went back home.

Fezzik fueled, cooler stocked with drinks, I hit the road for California. Google said it would take seven hours. It ended up taking just over eight.

I tried sharing pictures of the trip to Instagram as I went. I wanted to use social media to share a simple adventure. But T-mobile isn’t what it used to be, and really–who gives a shit about all the dry, generally decrepit stuff along I-10 between Blythe and Redlands?

Fezzik ran great though. 108°F, 80-90MPH, for hours. Even stuck in rolling gridlock at not one, but TWO lane-closing accidents out in the middle of the desert, I still got better than 17MPG.

Until I hit Palm Springs, where it was a long, uphill slog in third gear, trying to maintain at least 70MPH into a sustained, 40MPH headwind. I barely got 11MPG in there. Which is pretty good for what’s basically a 19-year old, 185,000-mile Mitsubishi trying to do 110MPH uphill with the AC running.

Eight hours is a long damn time to be driving. I wonder if it’s easier in something like a big Mercedes. When I start selling DIY work life parallel training here, help me get the word out so we can find out?



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