A Strange Day

Today was strangely productive and I don’t know why. We did nothing I thought we were going to do, even to the point where we bailed on going to the zoo as we were driving past the parking lot.

After about an hour’s unplanned walk along a hiking trail in White Tank Mountains Regional Park on the far western edge of town, we ended up back home. And I did laundry, broke an old shower door, swept up the glass, rearranged a corner of the garage, drained a couple gallons of rusty water from an old air compressor, and cleaned Bishi’s litter box. Oh, and I shut off all power to the house so we could find the source of a high pitched noise that had driven us crazy for an hour which turned out to be one of P’s toys buried in a backpack.

It wasn’t a bad day, and it wasn’t a particularly awesome day, either. It was just strange. I need to figure out why I was so productive so I can make it repeatable.

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