A Triumph of Brevity!

Took a look at the outline for my first book. It’s nearly 700 words long. Here’s the kicker–I’m still missing most of the details for the second act.

Act I, borrowing from the classic and oft discussed “Hero’s Journey” framework* covers everything from The Ordinary World through Crossing the Threshold. That is to say it covers everything from “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gearhead,” to achieving work life parallel at LeadMD, shutting down Gearbox Magazine, and launching this site.


By now, you know how wordy I am, and how I’m trying to get my message across with fewer words. So I’m pretty excited to see I just summarized what could be 60,000+ words with a single sentence.

Get it anyway you can, right?

Now I need to figure out when and where I’m going to write this thing. Maybe here? Would you want to come along on this (scary, yet) fantastic voyage?

*Not that I consider myself a hero. But it seems a worthwhile pursuit. I mean, what if this story changes someone’s life? True success comes from helping others achieve success themselves.


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