All the reasons why you shouldn’t

I’ve got it bad.

I want a sailboat.

And yet, here’s all the reasons why I shouldn’t even…

  • I’ve always hated wind.
  • I’m scared of open heights.
  • I’ve never caught my own fish.
  • I wouldn’t want to clean my own fish.
  • I seem to struggle with vehicle maintenance.
  • I don’t have $150k sitting around to buy & refit.
  • I live in a desert, several hundred miles from sea.

All of the above suggest I should nip this one in the bud now and get back to reality, ya know? But here’s what I’m finding simultaneously thrilling and terrifying.

  • I’m starting to notice the wind (and think of it in terms of power).
  • I want to conquer my fear of heights.
  • I want to learn to catch (and clean) fish.
  • I want to simplify my plans and enjoy Fezzik.
  • I can get a used Sunfish for under a grand.
  • I can take sailing lessons at the lake.

Can’t help but wonder, is this desire to conquer the fears standing in my way a sign I’m on the right path? “Do what you fear most and you control fear,” after all.

I don’t seem to recall being worried about buying Rocinante (“The Fun Cooker”). And the only worry I had prior to buying Fezzik was that someone else would beat me to it and I’d have to find some other $2500 Montero.

So maybe, if you’re looking at the list of reasons why you shouldn’t—and find yourself inspired to overcome each—you should consider it a pretty legit reason why you SHOULD.

Thanks to Dan for being the voice of reason that said, “Seriously, dude. You should consider learning to sail on a Sunfish.”

(I bet I could take one camping, too.)

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