The Alternator’s In! (No Alternative to Customer Service.)

[ This post was written almost a week later. Sorry. ]

I found a remanufactured (in Japan) Denso (OEM) alternator on Amazon for less than $100 out of pocket after leftover gift cards and store credit.

Long story short, it came in on August 3rd, and I installed it Saturday morning, the 5th. Fezzik’s running better than ever.

No Alternative to Customer Service

The seller’s website touted 25 years of automotive experience and a mission to become the dominant player in the automotive aftermarket industry. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see that happening.

They advertised the item in-stock.
It was drop-shipped from a wholesaler.
After it was drop-shipped from Denso.
I got a tracking number when it was delivered.

They took 24 hours to reply to my post-order inquiry.
Crudely, lacking both capitalization and punctuation.
Either not understanding, or just not reading, my email.
Two days after the alternator had left the warehouse.

Bruce Roller? Michael Dash? Nobody does customer service like you guys did.

You know when companies don’t care about you.
Don’t think for a minute your customers don’t, too.

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