The best drive home

The drive home has suuuuucked lately.

I either live the opening scene from Office Space for over an hour or let Google play the old Nokia Snake game with me through a maze of 100 turns to shave 15 minutes off that time.

I used to listen to NPR. Politics would be a bad idea in this situation, methinks.

I listened to Pandora. But I lost my unlimited data when I left TMobile. Four months later, I’m sick of Verizon’s shit and planning my return to the magenta. #soon

Podcasts have been my jam for over a year now. Rogan, Altucher, Pulizzi & Rose, JGray, The Way I Heard It, Kwik Brain, and Auto Off Topic. Excellent company. I’m better for it. Time well spent!

And yet, I’ve been mixing roots reggae music into the playlist on “Hawaiian Shirt Friday” to unwind a bit. And I’ve gone full baroque with Vivaldi at least a couple mornings in the last month to soothe the savage, commuter beast.

But the best drive home I’ve had in at least a year? Earlier this week, when a local friend I don’t get to see nearly often enough called me to ask how he could help with Gearbox.

A good portion of that call revolved around how I want Gearbox to help him with his business.

An hour in shitty, evening rush hour traffic passed in the blink of an eye.

Thanks, brother. Looking forward to seeing you in person again soon.

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