Optimism in the face of disappointment

There’s a gearhead in my neighborhood.

We’ve had the casual, stopped in the middle of the road chat about each others trucks. I drive an old Mitsubishi. He drives an old Ford. We smile and wave at each other. #goodguys #gearheadsunited

Today I noticed one of his other vehicles has a cartoon Trump peeing on the world “LIBERALS” in the back window.

Ugh. Really, dude?

Here’s the thing, though. Much as my brain is using that decal to assign a raft of stereotypes to this guy I barely know—I’m not going to let those negative thoughts stick. I’m sure he’s seen my Bernie 2016 and ITMFA decals. And he still smiles and waves.

You could unpack a dozen different lessons from this experience. But the one I like best is the one where I see how, when we focus on what we have in common, it’s a lot easier to live with our differences.

Hell. We might even be able leverage our differences to make the world a better place for everyone.

Optimism in the face of disappointment.

Love you, Suzie Derkins.

Flipping the script to optimize my life

I’m a morning person—but I don’t do mornings.

So why in the hell, then, have I been trying to hard to THIS schedule?

0500: Get up. Exercise.
— work all day —
2100: Stay up. Work on GBXM.

Last night, I joked that I should flip that schedule.

0500: Get up. Get online. Work on GBXM.
— work all day —
2100: Exercise. And get 7 hours of sleep.

I laughed and laughed. Until I didn’t.

Would you believe I was disappointed I didn’t hear my 5AM alarm this morning?

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