Breathe & stop. Keep your cool. (Bonus track)

I’ve developed a real bitterness toward working on cars in recent years.

It often feels like my vehicles fight me every step of the way. I wonder how much of that is my own damn fault? You know, self-fulfilling prophecy and whatnot.

Wednesday night, after P went to bed, I had to go back out to the driveway and replace filthy, 19-year old heater hoses on Fezzik. It’s not a hard job, but because these are always wedged between the back of the engine and the firewall, it’s almost always a pain in the ass.

Instead of bitching and moaning about it, I told myself to just slow down, breathe, and get it done.

I removed the hood and cruise control box for maximum headroom and comfort. (It was still 107°F/42°C out at 9PM.) I refused to get mad when I dropped that damned hose clamp bolt four times during reassembly.

Whattayaknow. Everything came apart and went back together without a hitch.

The culprit: small hole worn by OE hose clamp on 19-year old OE hose.

I’m gonna try this approach more often. With cars. With life in general.

Bonus: That feeling.

My house is around the corner to the left. Whew!

That feeling. When you’re retracing your steps to see if you sprung a leak after replacing those heater hoses and you find a trail of fresh fluid in the road and you know you didn’t see any other cars in the neighborhood on your test drive—and the trail goes to someone else’s driveway.

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