To brother Greg, moments ago

Monday was a week without. Suddenly I’m waking up every 1-2hrs through the night. Mind over matter didn’t matter. Hindsight says I bitched out so I bitched out.

On the plus side, P caused such a shit show tonight over dinner. Two solid hours of screaming and crying and who’s turn is it to be good cop, frustrated animosity that found me sitting on the edge of the bed staring at my shoes and wondering, “Which is going to be the most painful punishment for squandering so many opportunities–starting over at the beginning, or picking up where I left off, with that next challenge?”

So I fired up 4-1 and went looking for pain.

[#angerisagift ]

Strava says I just did two miles and made some accomplishments.

I say, I got 99 problems but the splints ain’t one.

You inspire me, brother.

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