Built. Not bought. (Or is it?)

Here’s something to think about.

We favor built over bought. Sweat equity adds value.

The 600hp Hellcat is an amazing machine, but its not an earned 600hp. Sure, the team at Mopar that pitched and engineered the project earned it, but the guy who just financed one for 84 months and rolls into the Friday night car show? Not so much.

And this is all coming from a guy who’s seen 2-liter four-cylinders making well over 1,000 horsepower at the wheels. We all appreciate the technology, but just because you can write a check and drive away in an amazing machine doesn’t mean a whole lot to real car guys.

Built > Bought. Any day of the week.

And yet, how many of us are actually building machines anymore?

Building—as opposed to simply entering ordering parts online and bolting them up.

It’s a subtle difference, but significant.

What happens when you can’t just grab another short block at the junkyard, let alone for $150?

What happens when all the retailers re-inventory to better serve newer models?

What happens when there’s no more fenders or headlights or windshields?

What happens when you have to figure it out 100% on your own? 

It’s one thing to tout BUILT > BOUGHT, but we need to check ourselves.

Gonna have to talk to some gearheads about this in coming months…

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