Buyer’s Guide 1.0: The 4-Hour Ebook

I easily put 30 hours of work into Fezzik in the six days leading up to MOD. This was supposed to be Buyer’s Guide time. At least, some of it, anyway.

Instead, I fired up InDesign a little after 9PM the night before we left for SoCal. Four hours before my alarm was set to go off (with time to pack for the weekend), I finally finished the very simple landing page and MailChimp automation to deliver it.

Josh walked down the street from MOD to get a few printed at Kinko’s Friday night–after parking at MOD.

We more than doubled their subscriber list, and started talking about how we might use the upcoming, monthly newsletter to curate a sort of Adventure Driven De’Zine experience with it.

That felt really good.

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