Calendar invite: Effing DO something about it

Is this the “no follow-through” speech again?

You know what your problem is?
No follow-through?
No follow-through!

If you don’t schedule it, it won’t get done.

I’ve spent so much time worrying about how best to get all the little, life-changing things I need to do on my calendar, I haven’t got any of them on my calendar. So I started by scheduling simple stuff.

Trash and recycle come on Wednesday. I added an event to take out the trash Tuesday night.

V laughed at the invite to “take out the trash.”

Speaking of Tuesday night, I added an event for P’s dance class.

It’s nice to have 24 hours to find her dance clothes. And do another load of laundry.

And that’s when it hit me. I don’t need a perfect calendar right now.

I need to follow through on the shit I put on my personal calendar.

So I added a another event to my Google calendar—a bright red, 1-hour block of time recurring every day from now until forever at 9PM—called “Fucking DO something about it.”

Doesn’t matter what it is. There’s always something.

I didn’t get up and run this morning and it’s bugging me?

Worried the truck is overdue for an oil change?
Do something about it.

Can’t stop thinking about all the old GBXM content needing re-worked?
Do something about it.

Want to get that 3,000 word lead magnet ready for InDesign?
Do something about it.

Fucking DO something about it.

Whatever it is.

FINALLY. A notification on my phone that actually matters.

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