Career paths are for B players

Opportunity comes to A-listers.

I heard the following on the way to work yesterday. Boom. Work-life parallel dynamite, right here.

“No one who is an A-player really wants to go down that career path. Because, quite simply—and I’m going to paraphrase from a guy that works at Pendio right now—Dan Dimas, who’s our VP of Customer Success—is “If you’re good at what you do, then opportunity knocks and all you need to do is say ‘yes.’”

And that’s why I say career paths are for B players. They’re outlined for the vanilla. They’re outlined for the generic path of what could happen. But if you’re outstanding, if you’re exceptional at what you do, there’s no way you’re going to stick to that path because people are going to come and ask you to do other things.”

Suit up. Solve problems. Own failure. Share success.  Make a difference and don’t be surprised when the opportunity comes knocking on YOUR door.

If you’re interested in how VC-backed startups build and scale their sales operations or what their executives know now that they wish they knew then, SaaStr is your podcast. If not, no sweat.

If you want to check out the entire conversation, here’s a link to the episode, #177:

SaaStr Podcast #177: Bill Binch, CRO @ On Why Career Paths Are For B Players in Sales

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