Careful What You Wish For

You might find it’s harder than anything you ever imagined. After 10 years exploring a variety of career paths in pursuit of work life parallel, I finally landed my dream job. And it’s more challenging than I ever imagined.

All these years spent envisioning work life parallel, exciting challenges, personal and professional improvement–total engagement–I realize I never really considered what this level of engagement actually means. I got a taste of it working in data center operations, where I knew others were counting on me to show up so they could go home or because a mission critical server was offline, but nothing like this.

This is all very exciting, but damn if it isn’t a challenge running your brain wide open at 100% throttle 40-60 hours a week. It’s absolutely draining–but it’s also worth it. Just goes to show the importance of visualizing your end goal as vividly as possible.

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