The Case for Electric Fans (& 4L)

It was uncharacteristically hot for SoCal this weekend. Brutally hot. Combined with slowly creeping up a rough, steep road, it was a real test of cooling system design.

Following Wade in the Spool Bus at the start of the trail.

We weren’t 15 minutes into the climb when my temp gauge started moving north of it’s usual haunt, just below the halfway mark. With no apparent place to pull over or let people by, I was starting to freak out.

But then I saw Josh pulled over around the next bend, hood open, engine revving to 2500rpm to get some coolant and airflow through his radiator. And then it was Phil, in the Evo, doing likewise, around the next bend.

The only ones without cooling system worries were the guys with fully built trucks running lower gears and electric fans. And they weren’t about to leave anyone behind.

Our first cool-down spot… about half a mile into the trail.

A small storm cloud teased cooling rain that would never happen. Half a dozen hang- and paragliders circled slowly and silently above.

It took us at least two hours to make the five mile drive up to the summit. I stopped four times to let Fezzik cool down. One of those times, I sat for 20 minutes waiting to make sure the transmission temps came back down, too.

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the coolant.

In the end, we all made it to the top. Spending the evening around an LED campfire, getting to know each other better. It was wonderful. And, even more wonderful, Fezzik’s misfire was nowhere to be found on the hellish crawl to the top.

Oh! And I already have an electric radiator fan and updated transfer case lever ready to go in the garage. Excellent.

Everyone made it to the top. It was an epic adventure.

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