The Contract & The Golden Rule

If you deal with contracts and cancellations, I’d appreciate your thoughts on this one.

The Contract

Contracts are these legally binding things that formalize agreement. I will pay you X for Y, for Z period of time. Contracts provide security and stability. They enable growth and improvement.

Contacts reduce risk. And therefore price.

The Golden Rule

But what happens when the customer can’t pay? What happens when the big deal falls through, they’ve cut staff, and they have to keep cutting? It’s unfortunate, but such is life.

Haven’t we all walked a mile in those shoes?

I’m torn.

#000000 is pretty much, “Fuck you. Pay me. I’ll get my pound of flesh.” Which works, I guess, until there’s no money left after the assets are sold off to pay the lienholders and attorneys.

Being hardcore about the contract can ultimately lead to being a despised bag holder.

#FFFFFF looks like, “I’m sorry to hear that and hope this helps.” Which works, I guess, until there’s no money left for payroll because there’s no reliable source of revenue.

Pollyannas can get left holding the bag in their own right.

I know it’s not black and white. There are SO many variables.

So where do you draw the line?

If you can’t or don’t want to pay anymore, I’d rather you leave on a positive, helpful note. Will some people take advantage? Of course, but how many more will have good things to say about the brand?

At the same time, you kinda promised you’d live up to your end of the deal. Good vibes don’t pay the bills.

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