Damnit, Seth! Origin Stories

From the Things Seth Godin Suggested That Make You Question Everything Department*

We’re always telling ourselves stories. And those unspoken narratives influence our thoughts, attitudes, actions, and outcomes. After all, our thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become character, and character becomes destiny.

Which is a pretty slick way of saying if you think you can or can’t—you’re right.

Coming back to Seth Godin’s “Akimbo” podcast this week, I caught an episode where he talked about SEO. Long story short, instead of trying to rank #1 for some word to hopefully get in front of everyone searching for that word, we should focus on BEING #1 to a small group of loyal customers.

So I was thinking, if I merged Work Life Parallel with Gearbox Magazine, it would mean worklifeparallel.com would likely become another redirect. Read: I might lose my #1 spot in Google.

Which is a slightly tough pill to swallow, since Gearbox Magazine doesn’t even make the first THREE pages for “gearbox” or “car magazine”.

But you know what’s interesting? I’ve also been thinking maybe it’s time to retire Gearbox Magazine too. Maybe it’s time to combine Work Life Parallel and Gearbox Magazine into a single entity.

Which brings me back to the origin story. If I am who I am because of Gearbox Magazine and the work life parallel pursuit, is combining everything into something new going to result in legitimate synergy—or is this just another distraction from doing the work?

I’m not sure yet—but I just googled “the gearhead project” and things look pretty inspiring.

Back to work!

*If seeing me reference all these made-up departments reminds you of the almost universally loved automotive journalist, Mitsubishi Apologist, and Clunkbucket Creator, Mike Bumbeck—GOOD. I’m hoping a little flattery here and there will prompt the return of one of my all-time favorites.

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