Discovery! Wants vs. Needs

Work life integration (née, parallel) is made possible through a process.

  • Reflection on what means most to us and why.
  • Exploration of alternate routes to happiness.
  • Discovery of new opportunities.
  • Action taken in the direction on those discoveries.
  • Documentation of the body of work required to get there.

It’s simple. And if you’re honest with yourself—it’s highly effective.

Sometimes you discover something incredibly powerful right under your nose.

Today’s daily is one of those days. 100% discovery.

I’ve been chipping away at GBXM for eight years now.

I’ve wanted it to make money.

I’ve wanted it to help my career.

I’ve wanted it to make a difference.

But I’ve never really needed it to do any of those things.

Where’s the urgency? Where’s the fire?

Vanity only burns so hot.

It’s time GBXM became what I need.

And that means making GBXM what others need.

Wake up call.

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