Don’t call it a “scavenger hunt.” NLGS is all about prospects.

NLGS = Next Level Gearhead Summer.

Two years later, it’s happening. It’s FINALLY happening.

What was originally going to be a $27 series of weekly emails full of meaningful gearhead summer activities has—thanks to generous feedback from several individuals (you know who you are)—is now going to be something of a next level gearhead scavenger hunt—and 100% free of charge.

But there’s nothing “scavenger” about it.

This is more of a prospector hunt.

This summer, we’re exploring a variety of fun projects together—some small, some large, and ALL designed to help us unlock the next level—regardless of where we are now.

NLGS is a summer adventure game for gearheads. Three months of automotive excellence.

And it’s all about prospects.

Sign up form coming soon.

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