Don’t let the dragon drag on

Be smooth. Lift.

An hour in traffic can really kill the buzz of an otherwise good day.

This was a surprisingly good Monday. The Six Bricks team was in the house during LeadMD Team Week, and I got to catch up with some cool, former teammates.

Got a lot done. Documented a few really exciting ideas. Hit the road.

And I-17 was a dumpster fire. Rude, inconsiderate assholes forcing their way into my lane over and over again, as though being able to use the HOV lane somehow means you’re more important than everyone else.

I drifted back and forth between prioritizing bumpers, sliders, and a possible exo cage (intentionally roughed up against trees and rocks to show a willingness to smash into things) over much needed brake work, and the power to choose, as explained in the “This is Water” video.

Got home. And everyone had a rough day. Tried to bounce back, but sometimes you just can’t.

And that’s how an hour in traffic can sabotage an otherwise good day.

We need to pump the brakes on trifling bullshit like this, but we can avoid such bullshit altogether if we just drive smooth and lift off the gas a bit.

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