Doorway Personas

As a marketer, I’m often thinking about personas. Who is this for–why them, why now? Answering those questions helps me tailor my work to their needs (and earn my keep). But lately I’ve also been wondering, if assigning personas to others influences my words, could assigning personas to myself influence my actions?

Somewhere along the way, I picked up a tip to consciously adjust my posture and smile every time I walk through a doorway. The idea being, over time it becomes muscle memory and you always enter the room on the right foot. I still forget this more often than not, but it makes a lot of sense and I’m going to start incorporating it into my daily mindfulness practice. And I’m going to try using doorways as triggers to do a little reprogramming while I’m at it.

When I climb into Fezzik (my truck), in the morning, do I want to be another frenzied vehicle operator fighting traffic in pursuit of diminishing returns–or do I want to be the skilled wheelman who fluidly dissects traffic with surgical precision?

When I walk through the door at work, do I want to be a doubt-filled poseur who thinks he oversold himself during the interview process and got lucky–or do I want to be a legitimate badass (like everyone else at LeadMD) chosen to join an elite squad and fucking own my shit?

And when I get back home at night, do I want to be the exhausted, cat’s-in-the-cradle parent with miles to go before I sleep–or do I want to be the husband and father my wife and daughter need me to be?

It’s interesting to think I could come up with personas for myself–and use them to change my life–all triggered automatically by something as simple as a doorway. Perception IS reality. And I feel like altering my reality.

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