Drop the mic. (Pick it up first.)

I asked for—and received—a very nice boom microphone for Xmas last year. I’ve wanted to start a GBXM podcast for a while.

Years ago, Michael Banovsky very strongly advised I try interviewing people in person or over the phone, as it’s much better than the straight email-based way I’d been doing things at the time.

Years ago, Crazy Leo Urlichich agreed to do some interviews with GBXM. But he would only do phone calls. I wasn’t prepared to record the calls so I just took notes. Still, the stories were solid.

I’ve spoken with other people on the phone for Gearbox. Those conversations have ALWAYS been exciting. Clearly, the challenge is bringing that excitement to the audience.

But I’ve been a little nervous about just talking to strangers like that.

I’ve struggled with when I can spend an hour on the phone with a day job and young family.

I’ve let the technological aspects of recording (and transcribing) those conversations set me back.

Banovsky was right.

Crazy Leo was right.

And what better way to take J Gray’s “meet one new person every week” advice than by getting on calls with the people who inspire me and embody what Gearbox Magazine stands for?

Well, it turned out that awesome mic I got didn’t play well with the Ubuntu install on my 10+ year old Dell refurb laptop. But it should play just fine with the MacBook pro I’m typing this daily on.

Audacity is installed.

I’ve started shopping royalty free music.

As soon as I know I can publish something with halfway decent sound, I’m there.

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