The end of the social era (please).

I miss forums.

Hat tip to Joel Feder for sharing this one.

Honestly, I’ve got no sympathy for the social networks. Let them die, I say.

20 years ago, the web was filled with vibrant, interest-based communities. Love your 1985 Chevy Citation? There’s a forum for that. Want to take better pictures? There’s a forum for that too. Want to put a custom, 500-gallon saltwater aquarium in the wall between your kitchen and living room? Forum.

And then there were blogs. What happened to all the people who mocked bloggers for being petty and self-centered? Oh yeah. That’s right. They’re busy sharing political propaganda and game invites on Facebook. (Thanks, Obama.)

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again.

Social media exploded because it allowed people to discover and connect with new and interesting people around the world. All the brands that got on the bandwagon did so because they all wanted to build communities around their brands.

Did they want to actually listen to or engage with people?

Not at all. And now they’re having to spend even more to reach people on these social networks.

Most of the forums have dried up and gone away. Facebook is the Walmart of the internet.

I’ve deleted my Twitter accounts. And I figure a day will come when Facebook requires the installation of their bloated, privacy shredding app to view the service on anything less than a desktop PC—which will be the end of my visiting Facebook.

So where do we go from here?

If only there was a way to share fun, personal updates without them being buried under paid advertising by “social” brands. You know, something like a forum or a blog.

Damn. You’d think I was talking about quality over quantity or something socialist like that.

[ wink ]

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