My First Cancellation – What Does That Mean?


I’m a customer success manager. My job is to ensure customer success. But what does that mean?

At a minimum, it means I ensure our customers get everything they expected from our product. Ideally, though, I’m driving content marketing maturity by helping them use the system to its fullest potential.

The more useful the product is, the more valuable it becomes—and the more likely they are to remain long term customers. CAC-to-LTV and all that jazz. Which is why I do everything I can to keep customers from cancelling.

You need help? I’ll help. You need ideas? I’ll find you ideas.

You need someone to manage end-to-end content marketing operations? I can do that, too.

But sometimes I have to cut bait and move on.

That guy who admitted he wasn’t the ideal customer profile a year ago? The one who never logged in? Who never replied to any of my predecessor’s offers to help? The one grandfathered in on a service plan we haven’t offered in months?

When he responds to your introduction email requesting to cancel, I cut him loose and move on.

And I never forget—it’s my job to prevent this from happening.

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