How a freelancer buys a $1,000,000 yacht

This started out as a joke.

One of the engineers at work (Nate) has a sailboat down in Florida. It’s old and could use a refit, but it’s his and he gets to go sailing when he wants. Earlier this week, he shared a video with me—a review of the 2018 Amel 50.


Coincidentally, I was watching boat reviews this weekend, too. I know I’ve mentioned falling in love with the Nordship 430DS at first sight, but this tour of the Sirius 40DS has me hooked.

So Nate and I got to joking around about buying million-dollar sailboats. And I ran some numbers.

$1,000,000 to buy a Sirius 40DS with a $400k-ish slush fund (maintenance, etc.)

That’s 10,000 ClearVoice Marketplace assignments at netting $100 a pop.

Assuming I cranked out two such blog posts per day, five days a week, that’s 1,000 weeks.

1,000 weeks is 19.2 years. So it’s possible before we turn 65.

You can imagine how stoked I am at the idea.

I was being sarcastic when I typed that last line, but the more I thought about it, that’s actually pretty damn solid. I mean, if you could pull down an extra $52k a year—on the side?

Ironically, I’d asked myself how long it would take to pay off a $500k boat at $500/month. The answer is an easy 1,000 months, but I laughed instead of doing any further math.

So here’s something interesting to think about.

Are you thinking about monthly payments, or additional income?

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4 thoughts on “How a freelancer buys a $1,000,000 yacht

  1. I think if I could pull down the extra cash at that level I’d simply retire sooner and stick to a less expensive boat.
    Is a nicer boat better than the extra 5 or 10 years of sailing? 🙂

    1. Oh, most definitely, Tim!

      But this was just one of those, “Let’s be sarcastic and mock our present situation” deals that surprised me as actually being evidence in the case for “Yes, this is actually possible.”

      (Much as I want a $500,000 Sirius 40DS, I think I’d probably be very happy with a $100,000 something else.)

  2. I’m with ya! I often build out my dream Sportsmobile or start looking up sailboats with AIS, Watermakers, Solar, a good RIB dingy etc! Just in case I choose to chuck it all and leave town tomorrow! ha!
    In actuality, we’re going to hit the road soon, but not on any grand scale.

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